Milos Pocekovac, Sava Stajic, Naucna Knjiga, Belgrade 2018

The monograph “Fibroadenomi and pure breast” by the editor of Dr. Miloš Počekovec and Dr. Sava Stajić deals with interesting and very frequent pathology in the everyday practice of several medical specialties.

The significance of this monograph is that until now our epidemiology, screening, diagnostics and treatment modalities, including all types of surgical treatment, fibroadenoma and pure breast, have not been comprehensively studied in our literature. In addition to the content and style text (8 authors) on 179 pages, the graphic illustration of the text is remarkable, and is reflected in 264 original images from the daily practice of the author of texts, 10 tables, 6 drawings and 2 schemes. There are 178 references in the literature. The number of references speaks about the scientific and professional foundation of the text.

Milos Pocekovac, illustrated by Petar Pocekovac, Naucna Knjiga, Belgrade 2018.

The monograph “Atlas of Oncolastic Breast Surgery” by Dr. Miloš Počekovec deals with the problems that everyday face oncorhors, but also plastic and reconstructive surgeons. The significance of this monograph lies in the fact that in our literature, oncloplastic surgery has not yet been processed through a rich illustration. The special value of this book is in the origanal drawings that very clearly and educatively show “step by step” operative techniques that are applied in malignant breast tumors of different localization.

Milos Pocekovac, illustrated by Petar Pocekovac, Naucna Knjiga, Belgrade 2014.

“Appropriate to the purpose and title of the publication, its major part is dedicated to the surgical technique of the most commonly used surgeries in the breast tumor surgery, starting from tumorectomy, via segmentectomy to Halsted’s radical mastectomy. A special value is provided by original drawings that are very clear and show the key steps in the operative procedure starting from a cut on the skin and subcutaneous tissue to remove the planned breast tissue range in relation to the tumor to dissection of the axilla and suture of the operative wound. “

Petar Pocekovac, Milos Pocekovac, Elit Medica, Belgrade 2003.

Atlas represents the enrichment of a few literature in our language in the field of operative gynecology, while atlas of radical operations does not exist at all. In this century of visual civilization it is necessary to present this important matter with as many pictures as possible.

Atlas displays the most common radical surgery in gynecology.

The operations are represented by a combination of original photographs and drawings, while others are illustrated only by drawings. The operations shown only by photographs are insufficiently clear so that the accompanying drawings, deprived of unnecessary details, more accurately show the flow of the operation.

Petar Pocekovac, Milos Pocekovac, Naucna Knjiga, Belgrade 2014.

This atlas is intended primarily for doctors specialized in gynecology and obstetrics. It should serve as a complement to existing literature, avoiding repetition of facts that we presume are familiar to the reader, such as the preparation of a surgeon for surgery, the preparation of an operative field, a description of the position of the woman during gynecological examinations, etc. and to display “ordinary” gynecological operations with as many pictures as possible and with as few words as possible. It is clear that the operations described in this atlas are not the only method. Only those operations and methods that are commonly used are shown.

The author of this work is already a renowned expert in the field of operative gynecology and obstetrics. In addition to a very wide general medical culture and knowledge of its routine profession of gynecology and obstetrics, Doc dr sci. med. Petar Počekovac is also a man with exceptional abilities to reproduce his ideas with the drawing, which is a prerequisite when one operational atlas is being created in order to present various operational techniques

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