Primarius Milos Pocekovac MD, PhD

Appropriate purposes and title of the publication, its major part is dedicated to the surgical technique of the most commonly used surgeries in breast tumors surgery, starting from tumorectomy, via segmentectomy to Halsted’s radical mastectomy. Of particular value are the original drawings that are very clear and show the key steps in the operative procedure starting from a cut on the skin and subcutaneous tissue until the planned range of breast tissue in relation to the tumor to the dissection of the axilla and suture of the operative wound. “

Each occurrence of surgical textbooks represents a significant contribution in our environment, especially the surgical atlas, which in a simple and informative manner facilitates important decisions that a surgeon-oncologist should make when choosing a patient with breast cancer. Because of this, the surgical atlas of breast surgery by Dr. Miloš Počekovac is a significant contribution in the education of surgeons who deal with breast cancer and will be a useful part of the library of every surgeon.