Primarius Milos Pocekovac MD, PhD

The monograph “Atlas of Oncolastic Breast Surgery” by  Milos Pocekovac deals with the problems that everyday face oncoplastic surgery for breast cancer, but also plastic and reconstructive surgeons. The significance of this monograph lies in the fact that in our literature, oncloplastic surgery has not yet been processed through a rich illustration. The special value of this book is in the origanal drawings that very clearly and educatively show “step by step” operative techniques that are applied in malignant breast tumors of different localization.

This publication was made on 150 pages, with 120 drawings and 27 literary references. The first chapter discusses the selection of patients for oncoplasty surgery as well as the basic anatomical structures of the breast. The second chapter speaks and illustrates operational techniques in lesions localized in the upper half of the breast and retroareolar, the third in lesions in the lower half of the breast, and the fourth in carcinoma localized in any segment of the breast. Considering the monograph “Atlas of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery”, by  Milos Pocekovac, it can be concluded that this is a very professional and richly illustrated publication primarily intended for oncorhorses but also for all doctors who deal with breast pathology.