Ass. prof. Petar Pocekovac MD, PhD
Milos Pocekovac MD

This atlas is intended primarily for doctors specialized in gynecology and obstetrics. It should serve as a complement to existing literature, avoiding repetition of facts that we presume are familiar to the reader, such as the preparation of a surgeon for surgery, the preparation of an operative field, a description of the position of the woman during gynecological examinations, etc. and to display “ordinary” gynecological operations with as many pictures as possible and with as few words as possible. It is clear that the operations described in this atlas are not the only method. Only those operations and methods that are commonly used are shown.

Several purely surgical surgeries in the genital area, which the gynecologist should know to do, were listed. At the beginning of the book, general notes from anesthesia and preparation of women for surgery are given. Preoperative preparation and postoperative care are integral parts in the success of modern surgery, but the purpose of this atlas does not allow for detailed consideration of this. All drawings were created as a result of many years of sketching and shaping in order to show the basic principles of certain operations as clearly as possible. Naturally described technical procedures vary from author to author and vary in detail. One of the basic problems of such a specific publication is the number, size, and transparency of the drawings that should be indicated by the individual phases of the operation. It is the matter of each author with how many drawings he will display in order to explain them to the reader. We think that this type of matter should be presented so that on the same page of the book, the short text only follows the drawings that gradually illustrate the individual phases of the operation, and not that the extensive text covers the absence of illustrations. In any case, operations can not be learned from a book-