Ass prof. Petar Pocekovac MD, PhD
Maja Pocekovac MD
Primarius Milos Pocekovac MD, Phd

After a very successful and well-evaluated and accepted Atlas gynecological surgery, the Atlas of obstetric surgery appears naturally, which represents a continuation of the beginnings of extensive work in the field of gynecology and obstetrics in all the operations and interventions presented in a transparent and accessible way by successful drawings and schemes. There is no similar book in our language. In such a situation, when permanently feels the need for such a book, this work appears in the work of Dr. Počekovec.

Each of the operative obstetric interventions and operations is presented with several drawings. Each of these drawings shows gradualness: the first graphically shows the approach, then the operation itself by its phases, and finally the appearance of the operating field after the completed intervention. The drawings are schematic, but they are so faithful and successful as a reader if a doctor dealing with surgery often recognizes the situation he often sees during an intervention on the operating table. That’s the basic quality of this Atlas. Another special quality of this book is accompanying text: very crisp, clear, high expertise and knowledge of each of these operations. This text is always on the same page on which the drawing is and this is of exceptional importance. Looking at the picture, the reader also has text in front of him. This is the most convenient way to use Atlas optimally and easily. The choice of operations and their interpretation are contemporary and current. In the book are presented primarily operations without which modern obstetrics can not be imagined. These are the operations that the obstetrician applies on a daily basis, but also those that work in extraordinary and rare situations. And these operations are shown so that the first-time obstetrician can easily and without difficulty perform them correctly as if he had worked them several times. The special value of this book is the fact that both the author of the text and the author of the drawings are affirmative of the obstetrician, modern views, broad aspects and an expert and competent expert who works with all these interventions. From this fact, the precision of the drawings, the gradualness and clarity in the presentation and presentation of the drawings of the operational procedures arise.